Lost in Iceland

My trip in Iceland was the first (of many others to come) trip I did alone. AND I LOVED IT! I really enjoyed everything; the pureness of its landscapes, the power of its rivers and falls, its geology, the feeling of being completely alone on Earth, etc.

A retired geologist was seated next to me in the plane. He seemed so excited to visit Iceland; it was a dream come true. Iceland’s geology is amazing and so diversified (rift valleys, hot springs, geysers, moutains, lava fields, lunar-like craters, black sand beaches, columnar basalt formations, etc.). Despite its small size, Iceland is one of the most active volcanic regions on Earth. That is to say, I could not think of a better destination for him!

You’ll be amazed yourself when you travel through this magical country. The landscape changes so quickly, it feels like visiting different remote areas of Earth in the same trip.

When I traveled to Iceland in June 2010, my plane ticket Montréal (YUL)-Keflavik (KEF) cost me about 900 CAD $ and I had one stopover on my way to Iceland and one stopover on my flight back home.

Now, with WOW Air, you can now great deals, as low as 400 CAD $ roundtrip to Iceland from Montreal! And they have direct flights!

After arriving at Keflavik Airport, I took the flybus to go to Reykjavik Backpackers Hostel. I took the wrong bus, so I ended up at BSI Station, which was great, because I needed to go there anyway to buy a Full-Circle Pass, offered by Trex, which cost me 33,000 ISK, although my travel book indicated 26,000 ISK (in June 2010, exchange rate was about 1 $ CAD = 124 ISK; in February 2017, exchange rate was about 1 $ CAD = 86,35 ISK). This bus pass allowed me to  make a great round trip around the country and stop over almost wherever on Route 1 according to bus schedules. However, you should know the pass was only effective between June 1st and August 31st, and it was one-way only.


In June 2010, I bought the pass offered by Trex, but there are two other bus companies: Netbus (South of Iceland) and Reykjavik Excursions (SBA-Nordurleid).

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Are you planning a trip in Iceland? Do not hesitate to contact me if you need help!


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