Delicious Langoustines in Höfn

I didn’t do much during my stay in Höfn, but I’m really happy that I stopped there for a night, because that’s where I found the best Langoustines I’ve ever eaten! And I’m pretty sure they’re the best of the world.

After I left my backpack at the hostel, I wandered in the city and realized that most of the shops, museums or tourist office were close (I arrived during the evening)… So I walked until I found that bench, from which I had a great view on four diffrent ice tongues. The area was so quiet and peaceful, I felt really grateful and lucky to be there.


Humarhöfnin Veitingahús Restaurant

Here’s the dish I ordered (3,500 ISK in 2010; 4,500 ISK in 2017, according to the restaurant’s website): Langoustine baguette – Crusty baguette with garlic butter, grilled langoustine tails (150 gr), salad, tomatoes, basil and pink langoustine sauce. I know it might be a bit pricey for us backpackers, but it’s really worth every penny!


After that sumptuous meal, I walked around the city shrouded in a mysterious fog.


I spent the night at Nyibær Guesthouse (2,500 ISK for sleeping bag accommodation in a 6-bed dorm in June 2010) and left early in the morning.


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