My favorite stops along the Ring Road

Route 1 (the Ring Road) is a national road in Iceland that runs around the country. Its total length is 1,332 kilometres. If you follow this route, you’ll see beautiful landscapes and pass by many splendid waterfalls

Here is a map of my favorite sights:

Leaving Reykjavik, on your way to Vik

1. Seljalandsfoss‘ particularity is the ability to go behind the wwaterfall, where you get a new point of view and makes it even more impressive. This fall is 65-meter high.

2. Skogafoss (62-meters high, 25-meters wide): Unfortunately, my bus did not stop there, so I cannot give you a better shot. But at least you can see the trail on the right of the picture, allowing you to go on top of the waterfall.


3. Svartifoss: Read my post about this waterfall and other sights in Skaftafell!


4. Jökulsárlón: Read my post about this mystical glacier lagoon!


5. Dettifoss

The bus dropped me in the parking lot that leads to Dettifoss. You have to walk during 10 minutes to get to Dettifoss Europe’s most powerful waterfall! It was extraordinary, I was stuned! I would have liked to sit there for hours. (I couldn’t because I’d have to catch the bus at some point). The noise was also impressive, but pleasant at the same time.

From Dettifoss parking lot, if you drive up north on road 862 for 40 minutes, you’ll end up in the Valley of Vesturdalur, where you’ll see bizarre but beautiful basalt rocks at Hljóðaklettar.

6. Víti Crater (Krafla)

The Víti eruption crater is located in the volcanic area of Krafla, east of Lake Mývatn. It is reached by a road which offers beautiful views and passes in front of the geothermal power station of Krafla. In Icelandic, “víti” means “hell”, as  people back then thought that hell was under the volcanoes. The crater seems rather peaceful in appearance, but it’s locatest in one of the youngest volcanic areas in Iceland, which still very active The crater’s diameter is about 300 meters. It is filled with a magnificient blue water. I don’t recommend you try to go down to the lake in the crater, because the slope is steep and highly unstable.

On the road between Myvatn and Husavik, I stopped at Asbyrgi (horseshoe canyon). It’s a nice sight, but I wouldn’t make the detour for it.

7. Namafjall Hverir

8. Hverfjakk

9. Myvatn

10. Godafoss

11. Gullfoss

12. Stokkur Geysir

Photos I took along the  road

Between Höfn and Egilsstadir




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