Celebrating National Day in Egilsstadir

Icelandic National Day is celebrated on June 17. I happened to be in Egilsstadir on that day. There were celebrations, a parade and a small concert in the park located on Tjarnarbraut Street. I was happy to witness Icelandic’s patriotism.


Later that day, I was really motivated to go to Hengifoss (a 128-meter waterfall, surrounded by basaltic strata with thin, red layers of clay between the basaltic layers), so I started walking into that direction despite the warnings of the tourist information office. I soon realized I had to walk 40 kilometers to get to the waterfall, and I was about to give up (it was another 40 km to come back…). Instead, I decided to hitchhike. But that was a big failure; I saw only ~15 cars in an hour and nobody stopped for me… I also thought about renting a car for the day, but it would have cost me 27,000 ISK… Too bad! I went back to the city, ate a big hamburger in a restaurant and then went back to my hotel to sleep. I was so tired; that night I slept 14 hours!

The day after, I visited the East Iceland Heritage Museum (500 ISK). It was interesting, although I’m not really into artifacts museums.


Click here to see a list of restaurants in Egilsstadir.

If you need groceries, there’s a Bonus Store located at Miðvangi 13, 700 Egilsstadir. Click here to see the locations of these supermarkets all around Iceland. I loved these markets; they have good prices and a good variety of products.




Click here to see a list of hotels recommended by Lonely Planet.

All hostels were booked when I arrived in Egilsstadir. I had to book one night at Hotel Edda, which cost me 13,000 ISK for a night, back in 2010. It was expansive for the backpacker I was, but I appreciated the comfort and the solitude of a private room for the first time of my trip. It felt sooo good to finally have a room and a bathroom all to myself!

Here are some pictures I took on the road, between Höfn and  Egilsstadir. The view was beautiful everywhere I looked!



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