Food in Iceland

Here are some of the meals I ate during my 20-day trip in Iceland.

In Höfn, I ordered some delicious langoustines! Click here to read my post about this meal and Höfn.


In Akureyri, I had dinner at Greifin Restaurant on two occasions. It was my  favorite restaurant in Iceland, although I really liked the langoustines pictured above. The service was great (there’s a little bell on every table for you to call your waitress) and there is a wide variety of tasty dishes to choose from. Also, if you’re a member or HI (Hostelling International) you get a 10% discount.

The meal you see on the first picture below is pepper marinated grilled filet of lamb, served with roasted vegetables, baked potato and red wine sauce (200 g portion: 3,650 ISK in June 2010). The second picture shows my dessert: Kea Skyr mùs, which was a Skyr mousse with candied berries in the bottom of the ramequin, topped with white chocolate, served with small chocolate-covered cereals and whipped cream and strawberries on the side. That was way too delicious! On the third picture, the meal is halibut with tandoori and garlic, served with bacon potato mousse, roasted vegetables and lobster cream sauce (3,260 ISK in June 2010). Mmmm yummy!


In Akureyri, there is a small cafe adjacent to the Bonus supermarket. You get more bang for you buck there! I ordered the soup of the day, which was a pepper and paprika cream, served with bread and butter (680 ISK in June 2010).

Perlan’s cafeteria is a nice and cheap place to eat if you go to Perlan or to the Saga Museum. From there, you can access a circular platform that offers a beautiful view on the city around.

Soups ordered at Perlan’s cafeteria, in Reykjavik. I first tasted the traditionnal Icelandic lamb soup (with bread and one refill included: 750 ISK in June 2010), but I didn’t like it. I refilled my bowl with another kind of soup: mushroom cream. That one was better.

During the sightseeing tour of Snæfellsnes Peninsula, we stopped at a small restaurant in Arnarstapi, where I ordered the soup of the day (mushroom cream) with bread (1,000 ISK in June 2010).


After I relaxed in the Blue Lagoon, I ate dinner in the Lava Restaurant, which offers a high quality buffet (2,900 ISK in June 2010): Icelandic meat soup, herring, pickled salmon, Icelandic flatbread with smoked lamb, potatos with parsley and feta, Blue Lagoon salad, salted cod brandade, minke whale with Pepper gravy, vegetables, Icelandic Skyr in jars, and traditional rhubarb dessert.

You absolutely have to taste Skyr if you travel to Iceland! It’s a dairy product, an in-between thick white cheese and yogurt. The perfect snack to buy in the convenience stores to fill your stomach between meals during your roadtrip.


Big baked potato with cheese and bacon, with a blue cheese dip and a salad (790 ISK in June 2010), ordered at Cafe Paris (Austurstræti 14, 101 Reykjavík): busy and noisy, but food was tasty, good value for money.


I really liked Bonus supermarkets, because they had a good variety of products and prices are reasonnable. Click here to see the locations of these supermarkets all around Iceland. Most of the hostels I stayed in had a shared kitchen, which helped me save money on some meals, especially breakfast and lunch. It would be a good idea to buy a few snacks to eat during your roadtrip (cheaper than if you buy those snacks individually in convenience stores along the road).

I ate a lot of ham and cheese croissants during my trip because they were cheap and available in almost every convenience store the bus stopped at. I also ate that a couple of times in Reykjavik, at 10/11 convenience stores, where you can also ordered a side of salad from the salad bar.


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